Equality Policy

We are an equal opportunities establishment. This means that we will make good faith efforts to comply with the spirit and letter of the equality laws.

We will continually work to ensure that our customers will always be treated with dignity and respect in a harmonious environment that is open and welcoming to all.

We will not discriminate unlawfully against or harass any person on the grounds of : 

SexPregnancy or maternityGender reassignment
Racial groupReligious beliefPolitical opinion
AgeSexual orientationDisability

We will also work to ensure that our premises and the way in which we deliver our services do not unreasonably exclude or disadvantage those of our customers or potential customers who have disabilities. To this end we will comply with the duty to make reasonable adjustments that is imposed on us in relation to such persons. We understand that an unjustified failure to comply with that duty would be an act of unlawful discrimination.

Customers’ Rights

Our customers have a right to gain access to our services and to be treated by us in a way that is fair, open and welcoming and that is free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. They also have a right to complain about any treatment from us that falls below acceptable standards should it occur.

We have established a complaints procedure to deal with such complaints and we would encourage aggrieved persons to use it. All complaints will be dealt with seriously, promptly and confidentially.Our complaints procedure does not replace the right of aggrieved persons to also pursue complaints to a County Court. 

Customers who make complaints of discrimination and harassment, and others who give evidence or information in connection with such complaints, will not be victimised (i.e. they will not be discriminated against or harassed in retaliation for their actions). Victimisation is also discrimination contrary to the equality laws and this policy.

Customers’ Responsibilities

We ask our customers to respect this policy and our efforts to implement it. Customers should treat our employees and our other customers with dignity and respect. We will give serious consideration to withdrawing our services from any customers who fail to do this.

Employees’ Responsibilities

All our employees must comply with this policy. They must treat our customers with dignity and respect. They must not themselves commit any acts of unlawful discrimination or harassment against any other person. Such behaviour will not be permitted or condoned. We will treat it as misconduct which may warrant dismissal from employment.

All our employees should discourage discrimination and harassment by making it clear that they find such behaviour unacceptable and by supporting customers who suffer such treatment. Any employee who is aware of any breaches or potential breaches of this policy should alert a manager or supervisor to enable us to deal with it.

Our Responsibilities

We will continually make good faith efforts to implement this policy. This responsibility will be carried out by Laura Bradley and Jonathan McDowell. We will:

  • provide all employees and managers with a copy of this policy and explain it to them at their induction training and other appropriate times.
  • provide appropriate training to managers and to those employees who work in customer facing roles to prepare them to be able to deal effectively with breaches or potential breaches of this policy.
  • Display a copy of this policy in a prominent place where customers may read it.
  • make copies of the policy available in alternative formats on request.
  • ensure that all complaints are dealt with promptly, seriously and confidentially and in accordance with our complaints procedure.
  • set a good example by treating all customers with fairness, dignity and respect.
  • be alert to unacceptable behaviour and will take appropriate action to stop it.
  • monitor all complaints and review the effectiveness of this policy periodically.