At Indie Füde: 5 Joyous Things To Expect When You Visit Us Instore

At Indie Füde, we are extremely lucky to have an abundance of returning customers, each coming back again and again for their favourite Irish cheese (think Young Buck from Newtownards or Templegall from Whitechurch, Cork); or to try something new and exciting they’ve never seen before.

But what if you haven’t been fortunate enough to try our bountiful wares?

Here’s what to expect when you visit us at either of our stores in Comber or Belfast

1) Indie Füde Stores are full of happy, food-lovin’ people

Well, the team at Indie Füde will welcome you with a big smile and a warm hello. If you’re in a rush, no problem – just ask any of us what you’re looking for and we’ll point you in the right direction. If you have more time, even better. Grab a coffee and start perusing the shelves or cheese counter. Our team can talk pretty much endlessly about food so do not hesitate to pick our brains.

2) We can provide knowledge about local cheese

Each one of us is passionate about our local produce and suppliers, and we love sharing that with others. We are all members of The Academy of Cheese (Yes, we love that an Academy of Cheese exists too). This means we can help you understand how to properly taste, look after, and describe a cheese. In turn, you can pass on this knowledge to your dinner party guests to add an extra special element to your evening (or just look really smart in front of all your friends).

3) Indie Füde Stores stock more than just cheese

Don’t worry if cheese is not your thing, we have non-cheesy foodstuffs aplenty. Hot sauces to top your (veggie) burgers, eggs, sandwiches. Flavoured and non-flavoured oils so that you’re starting any recipe with a solid great-quality base. A range of peanut butters and jams, and freshly baked bread, to put a smile on your face at the beginning of the day. Eggs. Mackerel. Steak. Vegan nut roasts. Kombucha. Sweet Treats….. The list goes on and on. And to go with all this food? A team that has collectively tried them all and can vouch for their deliciousness.

4) We can help you put together a special gift

You can order our hampers with carefully-selected items online or you can come in store and we can help you personalise it to suit your needs. Maybe there are dietary requirements that you need help with when it comes to selecting, or maybe the person you’re buying for has specific (ahem…fussy) tastes . It is no trouble. We can help you figure out the perfect combination of artisan Irish produce to make any present-receiver happy.

5) Love food but don’t fancy cooking?

That’s ok too! We can’t have the time or energy to cook every day, even if you’re a massive food lover! At Indie Füde, you can also find plenty of answers to wanting something good to eat with minimal effort.

We stock Capparelli Cooks, a selection of wonderful fusion ready-meals that combine flavours of the Mediterranean and the Middle-East. Capparelli was Executive Chef of the Ottolenghi group so we probably don’t need to tell you much more than that. Except maybe that he makes mouth-watering lasagnes (both meat and mushroom), sensational aubergine parmigianas, and more. And if that’s not enough, he’s even started making fresh pasta! Yum!

Pie in the Sky provide us with a variety of pies, each more popular than the last – you should see our Owen scratch his head when asked to recommend his favourite one. They make for a great lunch or dinner with a side of salad.

Knead and Prove supply the sausage rolls- a spicy bean veggie one, or a couple of variations on pork based ones. Again, perfect for a quick lunch that satisfies and fills.

You could have enough energy to throw some vegetables in the oven, and in that case you could accompany them with an ‘everyday roast’ or sausages from Thanks Plants, all 100% plant-based.

So, we’ll see you soon…

To those of you who come in regularly, we thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon. To those of you who don’t, think of us for your next Mother’s/Father’s Day, friend’s birthday, Treat Yo’self Day. Whatever it may be there’s a delicious local answer to it, and we’re only too happy to help.

Find out more about our team here.

Contact us or get directions to our Indie Füde stores in Comber or Belfast store here

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