Slieve Corragh – Celebration Cheese Cake


Our Slieve Corragh Celebration Cheese Cake is the perfect size for smaller weddings and all other kinds of celebrations!


Our beautiful Slieve Corragh Celebration Cheese Cake is an absolute beauty. One of our most popular, providing a generous selection which makes a superb cheeseboard!

With four layers combining to make a well balanced and luxurious artisan Irish cheese board – this celebration cheese cake is one of our most popular.

Not only does it work well as a replacement for the traditional cake – it’s also perfectly geared towards being an impressive second cake for your evening event. We love it as a feature on a grazing table. Meaning you don’t have to worry about your night time nibbles getting cold before your guests get hungry. The cheese actually improves in yumminess as the night proceeds – perfect for midnight snacking!

How Many People Does The Slieve Corragh Celebration Cheese Cake Serve?

This beautiful celebration artisan Irish cheese cake is a great size to comfortably serve between 120 – 180 guests. And works well as a cheese course during your wedding meal – or as a wonderful feast for your evening do. Or part of both!

What Does It Look Like?

The cheese is supplied to you as stunningly textured whole rounds. Ready for stacking and decorating on location. The examples you see here have been decorated by a fabulous florist. And your wedding florist will also offer this service – this means you can match you cheese to the other elements of your big day!

We also offer a delivery on day, build and decor service to weddings within 20 miles of our Comber store. We dress the cake with season greenery – which may include white flowers, and fruit. Depending on the time of year and availability. Photographs are available on request. For more details please get in touch.

Tell Me About The Cheese!

We’ve picked four of our favourite, crowd pleasing, cheese’s for the Slieve Beg Celebration Cheese Cake. Providing a balanced cheeseboard – with something for everyone.

Corleggy Goat Mini

Corleggy Goat Mini is the smaller, individually packaged whole wheel version of Corleggy Goat. At Corleggy every cheese is made by hand with production not exceeding 10 tonnes per annum between Goats, Sheep & Cows’ milk cheeses. Tom & Silke Kroppe collect all their milk from three neighbouring farms using just mornings milk for production.

Corleggy Goat is a hard cheese handmade from raw goat’s milk. A typical Irish goats cheese because the goats graze the rich pasture and eat more grass than their southern European cousins…that makes for sweeter milk and in time cheese. Corleggy Goat is eight weeks to four months matured depending on season weather & humidity. The rind is natural & edible and very flavoursome. We feel that the aroma and taste strike a perfect balance between rich and mild.

Corleggy Goat Mini comes in individual cloth bound wheels tied with a ribbon of straw. This beautiful presentation makes it the perfect gift for any cheese lover or a great cheeseboard centrepiece.

Circular Dimensions: 6cm (W) x 5cm (H)


Durrus is a semi-soft washed rind cheese made using raw cow’s milk from the Buckley family’s neighbouring herd. This arrangement allows Jeffa to manage the characteristics of the milk she requires for cheese making without having to take direct control of the herd.

Jeffa’s cheese has a mottled pink-orange rind and a semi-firm creamy paste that has a tendency to bulge slightly when cut. The aroma is one of hay, undergrowth and wet soil, in short it smells of the hillside in Coomkeen. The flavour is long, round and earthy, a flavour which is uniquely and unmistakably Durrus. This is what Jeffa describes as a deep, complex flavour which captures the elemental nature of this part of Ireland. Jeffa reckons the cheese is best at around 6 weeks old and is not overly affected by seasonality because the milk comes from staggered breeding.

Durrus is one of the great Irish farmhouse cheeses. Try it on toast, in place of raclette or with pears or chutney. In terms of wine matches pair it with “full bodied” whites such as Albarino, Gewurztraminer or lighter reds such as Beaujolais. Jeffa has recently added the semi-hard Dunmanus to the her range.

Circular Dimensions: 19cm (W) x 4cm (H)


Gubbeen is a semi soft, washed curd, washed rind cheese, made by Giana Ferguson in Cork, Ireland. It is orangey pink in colour and has a somewhat elastic texture. Gubbeen can vary in appearance from very pink and pliable, when it tastes mild and sweet, to a darker grey brown, when it tastes more intense and carries a mushroom flavour. Giana’s husband Tom’s family have farmed at Gubbeen for several generations. Giana came from Spain via France, with a cheesemaking background. She is responsible for the cheeses; he, the milk.

Their herd is a mix of breeds: pure-bred Friesians, Simmenthals, whose milk is also famously used in Emmenthal, Jerseys, Shorthorns and black Kerrys, a rare, local breed. All of these breeds produce quite low volumes of milk with high solids, which is good for cheesemaking.

This is effectively the only cheese produced on Gubbeen Farm which has allowed Giana to focus all her energy on getting it just right. However, they do have a smoked offering which is the same cheese that has been smoked in a traditional cold smoker.

Circular Dimensions: 18cm (W) x 7cm (H)

Smoked Drumlin

Smoked Drumlin is a robust raw milk cows cheese smoked from beech and oak by Corleggy Cheeses in Belturbet. At Corleggy every cheese is made by hand with production not exceeding 10 tonnes per annum between Goats, Sheep & Cows’ milk cheeses. Tom & Silke Cropp collect all their milk from three neighbouring farms using just that morning’s milk for production.

Drumlin is a hard cow’s cheese matured for a minimum of 2 months. Drumlin at 2 – 3 months has a smooth taste and a slight nutty flavour. The smoke is from beech and oak and compliments the cheese rather than overpowers.

Circular Dimensions: 13cm (W) x 4cm (H)

Cashel Blue

When Louis & Jane set out to make Cashel Blue, they wanted to make a cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk.” They have achieved just that. This rich, creamy blue has a full and rounded mouthfeel followed by a gentle saltiness and – with age – spiciness that doesn’t overpower, allowing the quality of the milk to shine through.

With its light yellow paste and gorgeous, marble-like veins of blue, Cashel is a beautiful addition to any cheeseboard or served along with a Deli Muru Party Pack to wow your party guests!

Circular Dimensions: 14cm (W) x 11cm (H)

Red Knockanore

Eamonn and Patricia Lonergan have been making their Knockanore smoked cheddar on their farm at Ballyneety, in Waterford since 1987. Eamonn makes a range of vac-aged cheddar type cheeses using raw cow’s milk from his own herd of 120 pedigree Fresians and vegetarian rennet. Currently about half of all the milk produced on the farm is used in cheesemaking.

Circular Dimensions: 19cm (W) x 8cm (H)


Cooleeney is produced on the Maher farm in the heart of Tipperary where the peaty pastures are rich and are surrounded by damp boggy land – an environment which allows the Mahers to produce this soft, ripe, runny camembert style cheese with a delicate mushroomy flavour and pleasing after taste.

Cooleeney is a firm favourite at Indie Fude and every customer likes it at a specific stage of ripeness. A young Cooleeney is firm with a chalky paste and light mushroomy flavour. As it ages the structure starts to break down, the paste starts to ooze and the mouths start to water as a pleasant bitterness develops.

There are countless creative ways to serve your Cooleeney and it all depends on personal preference. A beautiful, runny, ripe wedge will look fantastic at the centre of your cheeseboard, or for a decadent lunch, why not bake it and top with some sweet rhubarb chutney and a fresh, zesty salad.

Circular Dimensions: 28cm (W) x 4cm (H)

What Else Do I Need?

That’s entirely up to you! But we can provide incredible local chutneys, and hand crafted crackers and biscuits to complete the offering if you’d like!


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A super deli will an amazing ethos. Locally sourced, independent suppliers and sublime foods all from the isle of Ireland. Definitely worth a visit for some goodies or one of their bespoke hampers!

Briony Simpson

Brilliant range of artisan foods, with regular specialty food and drink nights all with fantastic customer service.

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