5 Tips For Buying Cheese From The Cheese Counter

We know the cheese counter can be a tricky place to navigate. All those big wheels of cheese. Many with names you’ve never heard before. And that stinky aroma… It’s one we truly adore – but it can overwhelm the uninitiated! Not to worry: our cheesemongers aren’t at all scary. They just want a chance to make all of your cheese wishes come true!

Whilst we endeavour to always have a full team of amiable cheese nerds at Indie Füde – despite their bets efforts, they can’t know your taste straight away. Which is why communication key when buying cheese.

We can usually tell whether or not you like a sample by the expression on your face, but only you can articulate what it is you’re looking for. So, the next time you go cheese shopping, bear these tips in mind. This little helping hand of our top tips for buying cheese will help the cheese magic happen!

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Top Tips For Buying Cheese From The Cheese Counter

1. Let us know the purpose of your visit.

It helps us to know what your cheese is destined for. Do you have a dinner party on the horizon? Or are you looking for a slightly indulgent snack? The right cheese exists for EVERY occasion. And letting us know what your occasion is helps us to give you the best advice possible. Information like the situation, the number of guests, and what other food you’re serving can all be precious nuggets of information.

2. Have an idea of your preferences.

If you really love or really hate a certain kind of cheese, tell your cheesemonger early on in your relationship. If you want to try something new, let them know what you’ve had before. If you’re craving blue cheese, just say it. We have an extensive selection of incredible Irish cheese; the more you can tell us about what you like, the easier it will be to narrow your options down. Or, if you really are open to anything, ask us what we’re most excited about! We always have a story to tell about a cheese maker we have met – or something new that’s amazed us.

3. Know your crowd

You don’t need to know everyone’s favorite cheese, but like understanding your own preferences, knowing your crowd can go a long way to ensuring everyone finds something to love. Be mindful of allergies and pregnancies; neither you nor your cheesemonger want to be responsible for anyone feeling anything less than superb after they cheese feast!

If you don’t know how many people are likely to indulge in the offering, then overestimate. No one should go home hungry. And there is barely a pleasure greater than a cheeseboard of your very own a day or two later. Or the ultimate mac and cheese of course!

4. Think with your stomach

Weight most often means nothing to the hungry eye of a cheese shopper! We know this well. A 250g of Wicklow Ban Brie looks nothing like a 250g of Coolattin Cheddar. And even less like 250g of mince meat!

Unless your ingredient shopping for a recipe that requires a specific amount, our tip for buying cheese would be try to think visually. You’ll always be able to see our cheese wire – let us show you what we think would suit your party, and feel free to direct us in either direction, to a smaller or larger piece. ‘Number of fingers’ is also an easy to understand measurement too! It’s better for everyone involved if you have a proper idea of how much cheese you’re getting. Before it is cut. Rather than guessing with a weight that may or may not be what you had in mind!

5. Be adventurous

This is how to make your cheesemonger happy. They LOVE to show off their favourites. You don’t have to love every cheese you taste; we don’t all love every cheese, after all. However, if it was a bad cheese – we wouldn’t have it in our counter. If it’s there, it’s because it is a great example of it’s kind. And we appreciate the skill and knowledge that has gone into creating it, and you should too!

We hope these tips for buying cheese from the cheese counter prove themselves useful. Remember we are your friends and really want to help you on your cheese journey. Never be afraid to ask. Be that at our cheese counters at Indie Füde, Comber and 232 Ormeau Road – or via email, Facebook or Instagram!