• 1 people
  • 10 mins
  • Easy
  • Contains dairy (can use butter substitute), contains gluten (can use gluten-free bread)
Porcini Dust Mushrooms on Toast

I know you’re probably thinking you don’t need a recipe for Mushrooms on Toast, but hey, if Nigella Lawson can give a recipe for Avocado on Toast then why can’t we do Mushrooms on Toast? What’s great about this version of the classic throw-together meal, is that you don’t need the best mushrooms going- I’ve tried this with standard white cup mushrooms that were on the way out- just add a tablespoon of Ballyhoura Mountain’s Porcini Dust, and voila, wondrous woodland funghi on a piece of toast. Of course, if you want the double whammy of mushroomy greatness then opt for Ballyhoura Mountain’s wild foraged Winter Chanterelles instead of what’s in the back of your fridge. A person in the know, may even want to forage for them themselves.

The cep/porcini mushrooms used in this Porcini Dust are foraged, dried, and ground into tasty powder right here on the island of Ireland (Co. Limerick to be precise) and the quality fills your nostrils when you open the jar. The depth in the scent alone, of almost chocolate notes, lets you know that you are in for a treat so full of flavour, you barely need to make any effort in your cooking. And as much as I love cooking, sometimes I need an easy out. Important to note though, balancing of flavours will be required if you don’t want to be floored with savouriness.

To make this rich breakfast, satisfying lunch, or quick dinner- when you’ve already had enough balanced meals for one day- just read below.


A knob of Irish butter- Abernethy Original butter

Two handfuls of sliced mushrooms – any mushroom of your choice but choose local for best flavour

A big pinch of coarse salt or Achill Island Sea Salt

A tablespoon of Ballyhoura Mountain’s Porcini Dust

A squeeze of a quarter lemon and/or a couple of grates of the rind

A handful of parsley, chopped roughly

A slice of toast of your choice- I used Knead and Prove’s Sourdough


  • Heat up the pan to medium
  • Add butter, watch it melt and bubble
  • When the butter is slightly foaming add the sliced mushrooms, coating them.
  • Fry the mushrooms for a couple of minutes and add the magic Porcini Dust, stir through all the mushrooms. Meanwhile, get your bread under the grill or in a toaster.
  • Taste!
  • Add salt, pepper and the lemon.
  • Taste again to your liking
  • Stir in the parsley and take off the heat.
  • Serve immediately on toast of your choice.