Mould Ripened Soft Cheese



Maker: Breda Maher
Region: Tipperary, Ireland
Type: soft
Milk: cow
Rennet: vegetarian
Rind: mould ripened
Age: 2+ months



Cooleeney is produced on the Maher farm in the heart of Tipperary where the peaty pastures are rich and are surrounded by damp boggy land – an environment which allows the Mahers to produce this soft, ripe, runny camembert style cheese with a delicate mushroomy flavour and pleasing after taste.

Cooleeney is a firm favourite at Indie Fude and every customer likes it at a specific stage of ripeness. A young Cooleeney is firm with a chalky paste and light mushroomy flavour. As it ages the structure starts to break down, the paste starts to ooze and the mouths start to water as a pleasant bitterness develops.

There are countless creative ways to serve your Cooleeney and it all depends on personal preference. A beautiful, runny, ripe wedge will look fantastic at the centre of your cheeseboard, or for a decadent lunch, why not bake it and top with some sweet rhubarb chutney and a fresh, zesty salad.

Circular Dimensions: 28cm (W) x 4cm (H)

Additional information

Allergen Advice

Contains Milk


Pasturised cows milk, starter cultures, animal rennet, salt


Cake Layer, Half Round, Quarter Round, Whole Round, 250g Serves 3-5, 500g Serves 6-10, 1Kg Serves 10-20

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Brilliant range of artisan foods, with regular specialty food and drink nights all with fantastic customer service.

Jayne Moore

Great place to visit for local produce. Awesome staff too!

Dave K

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