Slieve Donard – Celebration Cheese Cake


Our Slieve Donard Celebration Cheese Cake is the perfect size for large weddings and all other kinds of celebrations!


Our beautiful Slieve Donard Celebration Cheese Cake is a well balanced . Johnny’s favourite, providing a perfectly balanced  selection which is makes a superb cheeseboard!

With four layers combining to make a well balanced and luxurious artisan Irish cheese board – this celebration cheese cake is one of our most popular.

Not only does it work well as a replacement for the traditional cake – it’s also perfectly geared towards being an impressive second cake for your evening event. We love it as a feature on a grazing table. Meaning you don’t have to worry about your night time nibbles getting cold before your guests get hungry. The cheese actually improves in yumminess as the night proceeds – perfect for midnight snacking!

How Many People Does The Slieve Donard Celebration Cheese Cake Serve?

This beautiful celebration artisan Irish cheese cake is perfectly suited to serving a large number of guests as a wedding cheese cake or for any other kid of big celebration! It comfortably serves between 200 – 250 guests. And works well as a cheese course during your wedding meal – or as a wonderful source of snacks for your evening do. Or part of both!

What Does It Look Like?

The cheese is supplied to you as stunningly textured whole rounds. Ready for stacking and decorating on location. The examples you see here have been decorated by a fabulous florist. And your wedding florist will also offer this service – this means you can match you cheese to the other elements of your big day!

We also offer a delivery on day, build and decor service to weddings within 20 miles of our Comber store. We dress the cake with season greenery – which may include white flowers, and fruit. Depending on the time of year and availability. Photographs are available on request. For more details please get in touch.

Tell Me About The Cheese!

We’ve picked four of our favourite, crowd pleasing, cheese’s for the Slieve Donard Celebration Cheese Cake. Providing a balanced cheeseboard – with something for everyone.

Cashel Blue

Cashel Blue was first produced in the early 1980s by Louis & Jane Grubb on Beechmount Farm in Co. Tipperary. Nearly forty years on and with numerous awards to its name, Cashel has become one of Ireland’s most well renowned cheeses. Now in the hands of the next generation of the Grubb family Cashel Blue, along with its sheep milk alter ego Crozier Blue, is still made on the same 200 acre family farm where it all started.

When Louis & Jane set out to make Cashel Blue, they wanted to make a cheese that “truly represents the outstanding quality of Tipperary grass-fed milk.” They have achieved just that. This rich, creamy blue has a full and rounded mouthfeel followed by a gentle saltiness and – with age – spiciness that doesn’t overpower, allowing the quality of the milk to shine through.

With its light yellow paste and gorgeous, marble-like veins of blue, Cashel is a beautiful addition to any cheeseboard or served along with a Deli Muru Party Pack to wow your party guests!

This product will have two weeks shelf life from the date of delivery. Conveniently, at checkout you can choose a delivery date even well in the future if you would like your cheese delivering for a specific event.

Circular Dimensions: 14cm (W) x 11cm (H)


Gubbeen is a semi soft, washed curd, washed rind cheese, made by Giana Ferguson in Cork, Ireland. It is orangey pink in colour and has a somewhat elastic texture. Gubbeen can vary in appearance from very pink and pliable, when it tastes mild and sweet, to a darker grey brown, when it tastes more intense and carries a mushroom flavour. Giana’s husband Tom’s family have farmed at Gubbeen for several generations. Giana came from Spain via France, with a cheesemaking background. She is responsible for the cheeses; he, the milk.

Their herd is a mix of breeds: pure-bred Friesians, Simmenthals, whose milk is also famously used in Emmenthal, Jerseys, Shorthorns and black Kerrys, a rare, local breed. All of these breeds produce quite low volumes of milk with high solids, which is good for cheesemaking.

This is effectively the only cheese produced on Gubbeen Farm which has allowed Giana to focus all her energy on getting it just right. However, they do have a smoked offering which is the same cheese that has been smoked in a traditional cold smoker.

Circular Dimensions: 19cm (W) x 5cm (H)

Wicklow Bán Brie

Wicklow Bán brie is a full fat cow’s milk cheese made by John and Bernie Hempenstall on their farm at Curranstown in Co Wicklow. The cheese takes its name from the Irish word bán, meaning white. All the milk used comes from the Hempenstall’s own herd of 60 pedigree Fresians. Wicklow Bán is a sister cheese of John’s popular Wicklow Blue brie, which he has been making since 2002, although he has only had his own cheese making facilities since February 2005. The herd calves twice a year ensuring that the Hempenstalls have plentiful supply of quality milk no matter what the season.

Wicklow Bán brie is a double cream cheese with a fat content of 65-70%, meaning that additional cream is added to the milk thus ensuring a fuller flavour. This open textured, bloomy rind cheese has a wonderfully full, creamy flavour with a mild, rich finish. David is cautious to avoid over-salting his cheese, which may explains how he has achieved creaminess without the overly buttery notes often associated with other double and triple cream cheeses.

Circular Dimensions: 20cm (W) x 4cm (H)

Knockanore Smoked

Eamonn and Patricia Lonergan have been making their Knockanore smoked cheddar on their farm at Ballyneety, in Waterford since 1987. Eamonn makes a range of vac-aged cheddar type cheeses using raw cow’s milk from his own herd of 120 pedigree Fresians and vegetarian rennet. Currently about half of all the milk produced on the farm is used in cheesemaking.

Knockanore cheddar is made on the farm and selected wheels are then cold oak smoked for ten days using a traditional kiln. The oak used is sourced locally from Lismore. This traditional smoking process results in a cheese with a natural tasting smoke that isn’t overpowering, setting it apart from more common smoked cheeses which frequently use artificial liquid smoke to achieve their smoky flavour.

The wheels are subsequently vac-packed and aged on-site for a minimum of four months. The exterior of the cheese is light mahogany in colour, the paste is semi-firm in texture with a yellow colour. The long smoking process gives Knockanore smoked a full on, meaty flavour that is a real hit with fans of smoked cheese.

Circular Dimensions: 19cm (W) x 8cm (H)


Killeen cheese is a goat’s Gouda produced by Marion Roeleveld in Ballyshrule, Galway, Ireland.

After visiting Ireland several years ago, Marion was in love. Not only with the lush countryside and rolling green hills, but also with a man named Haske. Haske was a goat farmer in the village of Killeen and at the time ran a herd of around 40 goats, providing milk to the local creamery. Having been raised on a dairy farm in her native Netherlands, Marion recognised the quality of milk that Ireland’s rich pastures produced.

Marion made the move to Ireland in 2004 and, using the knowledge she had picked up at agricultural school, began making cheese in a style she was familiar with: Gouda. Gouda is traditionally a cow’s milk cheese with goats milk often being reserved for soft, fresh cheeses. In this sense Killeen is unique.

Killeen cheese is a beautifully smooth cheese with a slight sweetness to it and floral, nutty notes. Try it on Ditty’s crackers with a side of sweet mango chutney for a decadent afternoon snack!

Circular Dimensions: 27cm (W) x 10cm (H)

Saint Gall

Frank and Gudrun Shinnick’s award winning Saint Gall cheese made from the milk of their own herd of pedigree Friesian cows in Co. Cork. The long grazing season on the fertile pastures of the Blackwater River valley produces superb quality raw milk which shines through in the quality of the finished product.

Saint Gall is named after the monastery St Gallen near Appenzell in Switzerland, furthermore St Gall was one of the companions of Saint Columbanus. This brine-washed cheese has all the characteristics of a fine Swiss cheese with the rich, earthy creaminess from the Irish countryside, coupled also with the fruity nuttiness of a French Comté as it matures, and the oozy meltability of an Italian Fontina.

The recipe uses skimmed milk from Fresian cows to enable the texture to age longer and become firmer, the long grazing season on the fertile pastures of the Blackwater River valley produces superb quality raw milk. In essence St Gall is a thermophilic hard cheese, and the flavours are sweet and subtly sour and nutty, with a distinctive palate-tingling finish.

Saint Gall retains its flavour well when melted so making it a good choice to use in cooking or in a cheese toasty with some sweet, tangy chutney.

It has also won a Gold Medal in 2008 at the World Cheese Awards held in Dublin.

Circular Dimensions: 32cm (W) x 7cm (H)

What Else Do I Need?

That’s entirely up to you! But we can provide incredible local chutneys, and hand crafted crackers and biscuits to complete the offering if you’d like!


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Great selection and superb service! Lots of lovely things to tempt you!

David Farley

A super deli will an amazing ethos. Locally sourced, independent suppliers and sublime foods all from the isle of Ireland. Definitely worth a visit for some goodies or one of their bespoke hampers!

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