National Cheese Lover’s Day

So, at Indie Füde everyday is Cheese Lover’s Day… but it’s nice that there’s a dedicated National Day for it too.

Although this National Day is only three years old and technically for American cheese, we feel like us turophiles on this side of the pond deserve to celebrate our love for cheese as well.

Salty Cheese

Chewy Cheese

Squeaky Cheese

Soft Cheese

Hard Cheese

Spicy Cheese

Umami-y Cheese

Oozy Cheese

Bubbly Cheese

Melty Cheese

Fresh Cheese

Grilled or Baked Cheese

There really is something for everyone when it comes to cheese and there really are countless ways to observe its greatness (‘grate’-ness).

Artisan Irish Cheeseboard Gift Hamper - Indie Fude

Get involved and spread the joy that is cheese the National Cheese Lover’s Day.

  • Got odds and ends of cheese left in your fridge? Us too. A brilliant way to use these up is to make Laura’s ‘Irish Cheeseboard Macaroni Cheese’.  A pleasing, belly-warmer that is perfect for a cold January lunch or dinner. It’s just an added bonus that this delicious dish means you won’t waste any cheese!
  • Try something new! Maybe you love blue cheese, but you always go for the same thing… Why not try a sheep’s milk blue such as Crozier Blue instead? Perhaps you always thought you didn’t like smoked cheese – but didn’t realise that it was because you’ve only tried cheese that’s been sprayed with liquid smoke and not traditionally cold smoked like a try artisan smoked cheese? We’d recommend giving Smoked Knockanore a go!
  • Think you don’t like goat’s cheese? Try Killeen; it’s hard to not be won over by the milkiness.
  • Make your own. Fresh cheese is relatively easy to make, and you probably have everything you need in your kitchen already. Ricotta is a great place to start. Recipe coming soon… but in the meantime this is a good’un!
  • Support your local cheesemonger. Whether that be us at Indie Füde or not, your local cheesemonger loves nothing more than to chat all things cheese. Go that bit extra and support local cheese too, there is so much to choose from on the island of Ireland now that it’s really a no brainer.

Now, go forth, fellow cheese lovers, and celebrate National Cheese Lover’s Day!